The City Dirt Trio


The City Dirt Trio is a side project of Urban Soil, intended for smaller venues and more intimate settings. Featuring Gregory Meckley on violin and vocals, Eric Chesson holding down the acoustic guitar, bass and vocals and Jonathan Wilson on drums, bass and vocals  There is a strong emphasis on acoustic music and the native Appalachian and bluegrass traditions of North Carolina as well as healthy doses of Urban Soil originals and tasty Americana inspired renditions of popular cover songs.  

For bookings and inquiries about City Dirt Trio 

                    contact Eric Chesson



Sarah with an H

When the mind, body, and soul combine, the beautiful melodies of Sarah with an H can be heard whispering throughout Appalachian pines. Roots twist through travel, education, and years of performing to create a truly inspiring and lifting musical experience. With a broad range of influence including Eric Clapton, Bonobo, Alice Russell, and Jimi Hendrix, Sarah with an H’s music is not only soulful, but truly genre bending.

For bookings and inquiries about Sarah with an H 

                       contact Sarah Reinke 



Eric Steven Chesson


Eric is a veteran of the NC jam, funk and Americana music scene. With over twenty years of practical onstage experience with a variety of original and cover groups, Eric knows what a venue needs and expects from a performer and has proven his ability to deliver many times over. When not performing with his full band, Urban Soil, you can find him at any number of smaller venues, in the greater NC area, performing solo or with various arrangements of musicians.


10/22/21 - Eric Steven Chesson Solo

                   City Drive In 

                   Spruce Pine, NC 6PM

10/28/21 - Eric Steven Chesson Solo

                   The Speckled Trout

                   Blowing Rock, NC 6PM

11/13/21 - Urban Soil Duo w Sarah and Eric

                   Primal Brewery

                   Huntersville, NC 6PM

11/18/21 - Eric Steven Chesson Solo

                   The Speckled Trout

                   Blowing Rock, NC 6PM

11/19/21 - Urban Soil Duo w Sarah and Eric

                   Lazy Hiker Brewing

                   Sylva, NC 7PM

11/20/21 - Eric Steven Chesson Solo

                   Primal Brewery 

                   Belmont, NC 7PM

11/27/21 - Eric Steven Chesson Solo

                   City Drive In

                   Spruce Pine, NC 6PM

11/30/21 - Eric Steven Chesson Solo

                   Homeplace Brewing

                   Burnsville, NC 7PM

12/03/21 - Urban Soil Duo w Sarah and Eric

                   Ginger's Revenge

                   Asheville, NC 7PM

12/10/21 - Eric Steven Chesson Solo

                   The Marion Wing Factory

                   Marion, NC 6:30PM